If You Want to Be A Winner, Change Your Mattress Philosophy Now!

The base of the mattress has never been considered an essential element when it comes to getting adequate rest equipment.

It is customary to change the mattress and keep the old base. Although at first glance our base is not broken, we must bear in mind that the years and hours of use will have deteriorated the materials. The sheets of a bed base must have an arch for its correct bending and the wood tends to dry out over time. Iron or wood can bend when sitting always in the same place. The manufacturers link the warranty of the mattresses to a base in optimum condition and suitable for the type of material. In many cases the mattress is obviously deformed due to a damaged base. A bad base does not have to be old, but a very cheap purchase can cost us dearly.

Bed bases

We consider the mattress as the most suitable base for any mattress due to its flexing capacity in search of ergonomics and important ventilation in any material.

The sheets have to be divided into two beds with a central separation bar. In this way, they will flex in each individual according to their weight and will not sink in the central zone even though they have iron bars underneath.

The thickness of the iron wall or the quality of the wood will be related to its price. Nowadays raw materials have gone up a lot of price, so they are making fewer quality items to have attractive prices. We have to assess at the time of purchase what type of quality we want and compare options with similar characteristics.

There are different types of mattresses to fit the different types of mattresses.

The Latex needs a narrow-slatted bed base with little space between them that allows distributing the weight to be supported. The cleat must have flexion to improve the adaptation of the mattress to the body. No latex should be placed in a closed base since this material does not have any capacity for vaporization, so sooner or later we will have moisture problems. It is not true that we have to turn the mattress every 20 days approximately as it is said out there, it is the argument of a bad professional when he does not want to sell latex, or he is going to place it on an inadequate base.

The spring mattresses can be placed on a wide or narrow bed base with a block without flexion since it does not appreciate very significantly this tilting. The mattress must have an adequate number of sheets so there are no large gaps, although the price is very economical the mattress will suffer more. The mattresses of pocket springs lengthen their life if we place them in a base where there is almost no separation between sheets. There are few box springs in the market that are with this feature, so it is customary to place it in a closed base type upholstered or canapé.

The viscoelastic mattresses can be placed on any base whenever we opt for a mid-range or high-end model since the materials used are more breathable. It will depend on the type of flexion that we look for in the mattress to choose a flexible mattress or an aesthetic closed base, even if it is firmer. We recommend having a habit of ventilation in this type of mattress to avoid moisture problems due to special conditions of the user.

Upholstered Bases

Currently aesthetics enhances the use of this type of foundation. It is a very rigid support, but it has no ventilation. The current 3D fabrics provide a minimum air chamber, but it can become insufficient depending on the humidity conditions of the room or the user. The proper advice would be to have the habit of ventilating the mattress often without exposing the mattress directly to the sun.

There are many types of fabrics from microfiber, leatherette, 3D or imitations to 3D that apparently have a similar aesthetic. Evidently again the price will guide us about its quality. We also recommend knowing the consistency of the iron structure that forms the perimeter and the number of bars and cross members that make up the base at the bottom as it will indicate the greater or lesser duration of the base and at the same time that of the mattress. It is the most suitable base for independent or bagged spring mattresses. You can find this thing at best memory foam mattress for sure.