At Last, the Secret to Mattress Is Revealed

Bedroom furniture is chosen with passion: take into account the design, coloring, ergonomic and orthopedic properties. Sleep on the “right” mattress comfortable without back pain after a night’s sleep. But a better mattress – polyurethane foam or spring! This question torments everyone who equips himself sleeper.

Opinion split, but the main characteristics of any good mattress – is the average stiffness and elasticity. Springs Blocks are dependent (Bonn ell) and independent. Second best as they have each spring and are in its case! Are interconnected only covers – it provides orthopedic effect. Due to the fact that the steel parts are not attached to each other, sleeper turns silent. The frequently asked question “which is best mattress – polyurethane foam or spring” can answer that with an independent spring block. But here too there are pitfalls: the smaller springs per square meter, the less pronounced orthopedic effect.

Here are three main types: 1 thousand. Art. Parts per 1 sq. m.; 500 Art.Parts per 1 sq. m.; 250 Art.Arts per 1 sq. m.

How to choose the right mattress?

Recommendations from the manufacturer sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers exaggerate the numbers, so how to check this fact is not given the opportunity.

So, there are 370, 420 springs per 1 m 2. It’s just the way of competition, rather than the actual data. In general, we appreciated spring mattresses. Reviews of products with independent blocks positive: do not wear out, the sun was pressed, elastic, medium hardness. Price depends on the manufacturer and the number of pieces of steel per square meter. Bonnet used in the most cost-effective option. Pressing one of the spring leads to bursting of adjacent – is obtained by “hammock effect”.

So, what better than a mattress?Foam or spring?

You need to choose between quality independent springs and foam. Fillersthe upper surface layer imparts certain properties: softness, stiffness, elasticity. For him, using latex, coconut, polyurethane foam and other materials! Any kind of soft mattresses opt for mattress sales and acquire the best one.

Natural latex – elastic foam rubber

It can withstand a lot of weight and transmits it to the spring. He is a durable, soft and elastic, but it can cause allergies. Its value is not democratic. Foam – filling of medium hardness, otherwise it is called artificial latex. Polyurethane latex mattresses and high density ecological have ideal rigidity. Low density materials, on the contrary, wear out quickly, though, and economic. Coconut bark – hard filler. It is made from fibers of the coconut palm. Plates impregnated with latex, but they are without impregnation. This box is selected or prescribed by a doctor, or lovers of hard surfaces for sleeping.

The rhythm of modern life, constant stress, lack of proper rest so great that many people experience regular or recurrent pain in different parts of the spine! Most of these problems are an unhealthy lifestyle, long sitting at the computer at work and at home. Massage mattresses – an alternative to the services of a professional masseur and physiotherapist and physiotherapy. It is also the prevention of diseases of neck and back, because it fundamentally affects the way of life often unrealistic, and therefore, can only dream of improving health. Massage mattresses, which are now readily available – the right solution. They can be used for both treatment and as a preventive measure for people of any age. Massage mattresses are a special device for the universal massage. Regular their use increases the vitality of the body, relieves stress, increases blood and lymph circulation, improves metabolism.

The mattress is too premature if you turn it hard

Those who like to sleep on the side will enjoy more socks. Stronger mattresses may be uncomfortable in such a pose, unlike the soft ones that will evenly distribute the pressure. And if you like to sleep on your stomach, a harder mattress with a solid surface is a better choice.