Hard mattress or soft mattress?

One of the most frequent questions in a Forum of Mattresses, and that more concern causes when buying a mattress, is to know if it is better a hard mattress or a soft mattress.

You have decided to buy a mattress because you have been with it for more than 8 years, or because you move, or simply because yours is not comfortable at all.

But … Is a hard mattress or a soft mattress better?

In truth, there is no written rule on what type of mattress is best since that will depend on the age, physical conditions and tastes of the sleeper.

Hard Mattress

In the past, people who suffered from back pain were advised to sleep on a hard mattress, since the soft mattress sank and could injure their back.

The problem is that hardness has always been confused with firmness.

The hardness of a mattress will depend on the padding that covers it; therefore, there may be hard mattresses with a high firmness, which thanks to its padding provides comfort and welcome, providing a pleasant rest.

The hardness of a mattress will depend on the last case of the weight and preferences of the sleeper.

Soft Mattress

If you sleep on a soft mattress, it is possible that the next morning you wake up with back pain, as your body sinks and muscle tensions appear.

This type of mattress is not recommended:

  • Babies
  • Growth young people
  • Overweight people
  • Very hot people

However, medium soft mattresses are indicated for:

  • People with little weight
  • People who have to spend time in bed (illness, old age)

The experts in mattresses recommend placing an articulated bed base in these cases, to facilitate such daily activities as reading or watching television.


In short, the best solution to buy a mattress is to try it.

When you choose your mattress according to your weight, your preferences, and your comfort, you will begin a period of adaptation, since it is possible that the first few nights you feel uncomfortable or you cannot get to sleep.

It is hard for our body to change and adapt to something new, but it is normal.

If after a few months you still have not adapted to the mattress and continue the discomfort and insomnia, it is possible that this is not your mattress and you have to change it.

The mattress experts, in response to the mattress forums, recommend a wide range of viscoelastic mattresses, springs or latex, specific for people with muscle problems, which reduce their muscular tensions, thanks to the advances included in the area of pain.

But if the reason why you cannot rest is due to a herniated disc, we recommend a selection of spring mattresses combined with viscoelastic material, designed to keep the back in a correct position and eliminate pressure points.

If you also wish to buy a hard mattress or a soft mattress, just go to Best mattress reviews.